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How to improve the performance discipline of staff, to establish accounting and control over business tasks and assignments, to ensure that things are done on time and without multiple reminders.

How to provide effective information management support. To organize a reasonable, understandable and comfortable information system in business.

How to increase the effectiveness of communications in the organization, improve employee interactions, their coordination. Avoid informational chaos. Improve the speed and quality of management decisions.


How to develop a medium-term business strategy and successfully implement it. Systematically organize the business and establish its work as a well-functioning mechanism.

How to build a system for identifying, evaluating, prioritizing and managing business risks. How to reduce the likelihood of risks realization and reduce the negative consequences if they occur.

How to achieve impeccable compliance with all legal standards within the business framework to eliminate the critical risks of reprisals and sanctions by the state. How to build a reliable Compliance system that would not depend on specific performers and served as the basis for sustainable business development.


How to build a management system focused on business-relevant goals. How to achieve team coordination and focus on results from management and ordinary employees. How to increase the effectiveness of planning and forecasting systems in business.

How to overcome typical management crises: “bottleneck” unity of command, distrust of delegated decisions, excessive bureaucracy and formalization of business.

How to establish the effective work of collective management bodies (board, committees, councils, commissions).


How to organize strategic and operational financial business management. Give financial information a convenient and practical format. Make credible financial estimates, forecasts and plans.

How to reliably control the payments and targeted spending of money!

How to establish liquidity management (management of financial flows) in the business. How to effectively organize the planning, analysis and control of cash flow (CF) on the accounts of the company.

How to protect and maintain working capital, money of business and customers in case of bank bankruptcy and blocking of funds in accounts.


How to motivate staff for highly efficient work and achieving company goals. So that employees throughout their career and work in the company sought to create tangible value for it.

How to control employees so that it is always clear who is doing what and how busy is he or she. How to evaluate their effectiveness and contribution to the implementation of business goals and objectives.

How to organize a system of continuous development of personnel To provide the business with the necessary human resources of the required quality. Retain effective and promising employees.


How to achieve sales plans. Increase the percentage of bringing potential buyers to the deal. Keep control of all stages of sales. Bring sales to the result!

How to systematically organize sales, take them under your control and management. Achieve their high efficiency and effectiveness. Reduce the dependence of sales results on external and internal factors. Improve the accuracy and clarity of sales forecasts.

How to make sellers work transparent, controlled, and manageable. How to objectively evaluate the effectiveness and potential of sellers. How to effectively influence sellers, stimulate and control every sale.


How to ensure high quality elaboration and control of documents received for signature by the head. How to fine-tune the mechanisms of qualified examination and approval of documents before signing.

How to put business documents in order. Ensure the reliability and efficiency of workflow. Create a system of working rules and procedures for doing business.