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About the Author

Ilya Pribylov

Independent expert consultant in the field of strategic development, business planning and business management systems

SCIM-book author

SCIM Platform Developer

I graduated from The State University of Management with a degree in Information Systems in Management, and a few years later I continued my education in Oxford (UK). I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from University of Oxford.

I consider my first achievement in the field of business to be the head of the Client Relations Development Department of Kapital Asset Management Company, where I was responsible for the development of the client base, developed and implemented a strategy for positioning and promoting the company in the trust management market. The result of this work was the entry of AM Kapital into the TOP-5 of the leading Russian asset management companies with assets under the management of more than 20 billion rubles.

Despite the fact that my career in the Kapital company developed rapidly and successfully, I myself felt a lack of systematic knowledge in the field of business, in addition, I had a great desire to learn Western business technologies from the inside. Therefore, I decided to interrupt my work at Kapital and go to study in Oxford, at the business school. An important advantage of the chosen school was the opportunity to obtain not only theoretical knowledge, but also to internship immediately, that is, to apply knowledge in practice.

During my studies at Said Business School, Oxford, I worked as a consultant for the Williams F1 Formula 1 racing team. My tasks included developing a diversified business strategy and reducing the financial risks of the organization. The project included the creation of an economic feasibility study and a marketing plan for entering the most promising markets, recommendations for the top management of the team on key aspects of the business, along with an organizational structure, operational management, hiring personnel, funding and a risk minimization strategy. I am proud that my work was nominated as the best consulting project in the field of strategic consulting at Said Business School.

After studying at Oxford, I continued to work in the Kapital group, but now in the insurance group as the director of the department of strategic analysis and development. At this post, I was responsible for creating a development strategy for a group of companies, developing and implementing a marketing strategy, as well as for monitoring its implementation in terms of operational planning and the KPI motivation system.

Despite working in a leading company in my segment and holding a high position in it, I understood that I could fully realize myself only if I created a successful business myself. Therefore, in 2007, I became one of the founders of the VIALDI group of companies, where I took the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

 In the GC VIALDI, my tasks primarily included the strategic development of the group and the operational organization of the business. Under my leadership, an innovative business management system was developed and implemented based on the projects principles of business organization, which in practice has proved its success. Since its foundation in 2007 by 2016, the VIALDI Group of Companies:

 - had assets in the management of more than 10 billion rubles;  

- annual turnover on accounts exceeded hundreds of billion rubles;

- the staff of the group of companies employed more than 100 employees and several dozen more outsourced;

- implemented more than 30 external projects for customers;

- implemented more than 100 internal projects for the organization and development of business;

- the crises of 2008 and 2014 were successfully overcome.

Working in this system since 1997, I gradually highlighted a number of typical problems that impede business of a very different orientation. And having analyzed these problems, I came to the conclusion that often they are based on the same reasons. If you exclude the occurrence of such problems at the very beginning or pay attention to them in time, then the efficiency and sustainability of the business can be significantly increased. I shared my knowledge and experience in a number of publications that appeared at different times in the magazines Bolshoi Consulting, Pension Funds and Investments, Pension Money, Oil of Russia, and also on my own site Business in Pictures. But as a practitioner, I am aware of the gap that exists between useful books or articles about business and the implementation of business decisions in practice. Therefore, in my free time, I worked on creating universal practical business solutions that can actually help people like me: business owners and top managers.

My specialty in first education - Information Systems in Management - came in handy at the very time. The business solutions I create have always been characterized by an integrated, systematic approach. And to implement and put them into practice in the Vialdi Group of Companies, we were helped by a special program that I created, which we later called SCIM - Business Online Organizer (now - SCIM Business Administration Platform). In the future, the SCIM platform has become an indispensable element and an integral part of the VIALDI GC business management system. Its active use has brought order into business management processes and along with this has allowed not only to minimize costs, but also to increase the company's revenues.

Having become an independent expert consultant in the field of strategic development, business planning and business management systems, I created the Internet resource SCIM - Success Technologies, which presents concrete solutions to typical business problems. The goal of this project is to transfer knowledge and successful experience in creating and managing a business to a wide range of stakeholders. Along with the creation of the Internet resource, I improved the SCIM Platform. Now it is a universal business tool that allows any company to effectively solve emerging problems, as well as avoid and eliminate errors that lead to them.

My clients are owners of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as top managers of companies aimed at improving the efficiency of their business and ensuring its long-term sustainability, who aware of the importance of using modern business technologies for this.

Many thanks to my faithful associate, like-minded

Roman Mutasov

for tremendous help in preparing all the solutions of the project!