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SCIMStructured Communications Information Management

«SCIM - Success Technologies» - is a resource that provides concrete solutions to problems typical of any business activity. Strategic and operational business management, financial decisions and control of their implementation, personnel management, risk management, improving the efficiency of interaction and personnel communications are universal tasks for top managers and shareholders, regardless of the specifics of the business they manage or own. SCIM solutions are universal solutions that can be effectively applied in most companies.

The resource information is systematized in the logic “from problems to their solution”. To find solutions to problems that are relevant to you, select from the list the position that you occupy in the company (owner, general director, top manager, HR director, etc.).. Then, among the proposed list of problems typical for this position, determine what is relevant for you. After that, you will be able to familiarize yourself with comprehensive information on how to solve them and find out clear algorithms for implementing these solutions.

The «My Problems» page provides a complete list of problems and tasks for which SCIM solutions have been developed. They are grouped by type (corporate, strategic) and problem fields (business management, finance, personnel, sales, document flow).

Benefits of SCIM Solutions

   Created by a practical businessman

SCIM organizational solutions were developed by the author for 8 years in the process of building and managing his own business. Therefore, all solutions meet the urgent needs of the business owner and his key managers, have a clear focus on solving specific business tasks and problems, honed over many years of business practice.

  System approach used

SCIM organizational solutions are characterized by a systematic, integrated approach. They can be implemented both individually and in combination. The common standard logic and mechanics of algorithms along with a single information environment allow you to get a powerful synergistic effect when adding new solutions to existing ones.

   Based on world best practices

SCIM solutions are based on the best global business practices studied by the author during his education and internship in Oxford, as well as in the process of communication and work with foreign colleagues.

   Availability of an easily accessible practical tool for implementing the proposed solutions

The main advantage of the SCIM project is the comprehensive algorithms for implementing solutions in your business, which are made possible by the presence of - an effective tool for implementing the proposed solutions — SCIM Business Administration Platform . This allows you to effectively move from theoretical descriptions of common business solutions to their practical implementation.

SCIM platform was created as the main tool for implementing organizational business solutions and is a comprehensive business management information system that meets all the key needs of entrepreneurs and managers. Today, the SCIM platform operates in the areas of financial management, HR management and motivation, strategic and operational business management, project management, sales management, as well as business risks management.

Using the SCIM Platform helps to improve communications and staff interaction, increase the efficiency of collegial management bodies, and organize the company's workflow. Learn more about the features and benefits of the SCIM platform here.

We are always happy to give additional free consultations and recommendations on the implementation of SCIM solutions in your business. We will also appreciate your feedback regarding the use of SCIM solutions and suggestions for their improvement.

Online consultations are available via SCIM chat or e-mail scim@scim.ru

We wish you and your business success and prosperity!